University Department Orders

School and college names are locked up with our primary logo. The school/college name is rendered in our official brand font, Sherman Serif. To protect the integrity of our school/college lockups, always use the provided artwork and do not attempt to alter or recreate it under any circumstances. If there are any questions regarding the lockup artwork, contact the Division of Marketing and Communications at

Promotional items and other products bearing the University’s name, logo, seal, mascot, slogans or other trademarks, whether for commercial (e.g., resold for fundraiser), promotional (e.g., given away), or internal use, may only be purchased from suppliers that have a valid trademark license agreement with the University (or its licensing agent). Purchases made with University fund from suppliers who are not officially licensed with the University may be considered an unallowable expense. The University’s Office of Trademark Licensing must approve all orders and artwork for products bearing any University marks. Once approved, no alternation may be made to the marks or artwork without the Office of Trademark Licensing’s prior written approval.

Internal use whereby the item(s) are not being resold, and the department’s official university lock-up is being utilized, would not require royalty, such as uniforms or promotional giveaways. Organizations who are purchasing items incorporating Syracuse University marks with intention of fundraising or for external purchases (parents, friends, etc.) will be required to pay licensing royalty on the retail item(s).

When purchasing promotional products to represent your department, choose relevant items that that will promote your department and have good visibility. For a list of approved licensees, visit the Approved Licensee page. For further assistance or questions regarding the process, please contact the Office of Trademark Licensing.

A few notes when ordering promotional products:

  • Product color should be Syracuse orange, blue or grey when applicable, to best represent the Syracuse University brand
  • Department, college, and school logos should be used to best represent the entity being promoted
    • For units within college and schools verbiage must be separated from official college and school lock up (approved examples below); unless you have a new lock-up for your center or institution, can be found in the Brand Resources in Answers page (must login to see)
  • Products should be relevant and useful for best visibility in the promotion of your area
  • Design cannot use trademarks from other entities or derivatives of those marks

Apparel examples with official lock-ups and unit/organization/center ‘treat in text’ layouts:

Non-apparel examples:

Small space options without use of school or college marks must use Sherman font to identify unit, program or organizations:

Tablecloth standard for schools and colleges with official lock-up:

Tablecloth standard for units, departments, programs and organizations without an official lock-up:

Alternative, efficient, and versatile table cloth options: