Use Syracuse University Trademarks

Recognized Student Organizations, Sports Clubs & Campus Departments

A licensed vendor must be used for the production of University names/marks/logos on items used as giveaways, fundraisers or for internal use (shirts for staff, plaques, etc.).

University departments may review the University Department Orders guidelines
Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) may review the RSO Identity Guidelines
Sports Clubs may review the Sports Clubs Guidelines

Feel free to contact the Office of Trademark Licensing for guidance on finding a licensee or with any questions

Individuals, Businesses & Organizations

Use of University marks and references are prohibited without the express written permission from the University through the Office of Trademark Licensing. Any individual, business or organization wishing to use the University’s trademarks, verbiage, references or likeness requires written approval from the Office of Trademark Licensing.

Promotional items and other products bearing the University’s name, logo, seal, mascot, slogans or other trademarks (“Marks”), whether for commercial (e.g. resold), promotional (e.g. given away) or internal use, may only be purchased from suppliers that have a valid trademark license agreement with the University (or its licensing agent).  Purchases made with University funds from suppliers that are not officially licensed with the University may be considered an unallowable expense.  The University’s Office of Trademark Licensing must approve all orders and artwork for products bearing any University Marks.  Once approved, no alterations may be made to the Marks or artwork without the Office of Trademark Licensing’s prior written approval.

Only authorized Syracuse employees may enter into agreements on behalf of the University.  Individuals, businesses and organizations should contact the Office of Trademark Licensing with any questions.

Public & Private Schools

We are always complimented when a school wishes to use one of our marks as their mascot, but our policy does not allow our marks to be used by any other educational institution, including public or private schools. In setting this policy, many factors were taken into consideration including product liability, control of how the marks are used and who manufactures the product, and the policies of our peer institutions throughout the United States.

American Flag

Please defer to the United State Federal guidance as it relates to the American Flag. Only special uses are approved for Syracuse University.