Sport Clubs recognized by Syracuse University Recreation are authorized to utilize select University marks in conjunction with team names, uniform designs and creation of promotional products. Sport Clubs with corresponding NCAA Syracuse University team names must incorporate indication of Club Sports status, i.e., “Lacrosse Club at Syracuse University.” Sport Club identity, artwork, and any use of Syracuse University marks or references must be approved by the associate director for sports programs prior to use. Use of the University’s name for any commercial purpose or in any way which may reflect adversely upon the University is prohibited.

All Sport Clubs are required to use an officially-licensed vendor for the production of uniforms and promotional products. Visit the Internal Campus Supplier list to find a licensee who can assist in sourcing items and who is approved to produce University artwork.

If you would like assistance in finding a licensee or have any questions regarding use of University marks, please reach out to

Below is guidance regarding use of marks for Sports Clubs in different contexts. If you have any questions or would like an official Syracuse sports club mark, reach out to the Office of Trademark Licensing.