Report Possible Infringement or Questionable Uses

Please email to report possible trademark infringement or questionable uses of Syracuse University marks. All reports are confidential. Please include a photo or link and location, if applicable.

Syracuse University reserves the right to protect any and all uses of trademarked words or images on any products. Syracuse University owns and controls its names, marks, logos, colors, insignia, seal, designs, depictions of campus building and landmarks, and symbols that have become commonly associated with the University or any of its campuses. Use of University Marks and references are prohibited without the express written permission from the University through the Office of Trademark Licensing.

How to report Facebook infringement (step-by-step process)

Should you see a questionable Facebook advertisement; please follow the below steps in your report to

  1. When you see infringing product on facebook; start by clicking the “shop” link and prepare an email with this URL for our office. If possible, take screen shots of the items for office tracking

2. Once you have clicked on the link to buy, please provide the URL to the specific “shop”

3. Removing the Facebook adverts. In the original facebook advertisement, click the ellipses in the upper right hand corner (this may only work from personal computers and not mobile)

4. Copy paste the URL to the facebook advert within the developer by clicking on Embed (takes 24-48 once reported for takedown)

Screen shots of the product and Facebook adverts are a great addition to our tracking. When sending an email to report these infringements to they may look a bit like this:

If you suspect any questionable uses of Syracuse University marks, please email description or photo (if applicable) and location for best ability to address.

We thank our many brand ambassadors for keeping an eye out on possible infringements as well as buying licensed products that directly benefit the University.