Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) must consult the Office of Student Activities with regards to the creation of their organization’s visual identity.

Logos and Visual Identity

Recognized student organizations are encouraged to create their own, unique logo and design to brand their organization. Logo guidelines are outlined below.

  • The organization logo can utilize the following words in text following the organization’s name “at Syracuse University” See pre-approved examples below
  • The logo should not incorporate any of the elements taken from the University seal, Syracuse primary athletic marks, or the “amplified Block S”
  • University trademarks cannot be altered, tampered with, modified, or overprinted with other words or design elements
  • Use of the logo on products must be approved by the Office of Trademark Licensing prior to production of the products. A University licensee will submit the artwork to the Licensing Office for approval
  • Student Organizations may not imply or otherwise create the appearance that Syracuse University sponsors, controls, or is responsible for the activities of the recognized student organizations

Examples of approved unique Student Organization visual identities:

  • Use of the University’s name for any commercial purpose or in any way which may reflect adversely upon the University is prohibited
  • Use of the University’s logo or any trademark of Syracuse University requires express written permission of the Office of Trademark Licensing, 315.443.4534 or 
  • All uses of University marks or references require an approved licensed vendor to produce. University licensees carry at least $1,000,000 in product liability insurance in addition to adhering to a work place code of conduct
    • Please review the Licensed Vendors page. It is suggested that you price out multiple companies to ensure the best pricing for your product needs
  • Student Organization and Club Sports organizations that are purchasing items incorporating Syracuse University marks with intention of fundraising or for external purchases (parents, friends, etc.) will be required to pay licensing royalty on the retail item(s). Internal use whereby the item(s) are not being resold would not require royalty