Requests for use of Syracuse University marks within co-branded endorsements or licensing projects may be submitted in the following link to form. All requests will be answered by the Syracuse University NCAA Compliance Office. If you do not receive a response within 2-3 business days, please reach out to for more information and follow up.

Please fill out this form for use of mark requests.

Syracuse University currently permits the use of Syracuse University marks in the individual endorsements of student athletes when the endorsement partner is also a Syracuse University Learfield Sports Properties sponsor or sponsor directly with the Athletic Department.

Student athletes who would like to produce merchandise to monetize likeness along side Syracuse University marks are simply required to use a current licensees who also maintains the Name Image Likeness licensure, a reduce co-branded rate.

Examples of Syracuse University trademarks and references (list is not exhaustive) include: any federally registered trademarks, university provided game day numbers, school colors (unless the third party is explicit in their branding using one of the school colors), Syracuse University branded merchandise, use of Syracuse University facilities bearing university reference, and anything that may infer and/or confuse consumers of a relationship between Syracuse University and third party as an official partnership. If you have any additional questions as it relates to use of marks within Name Image Likeness projects, please reach out to the NCAA compliance director.