Internal Use branded masks (PPE)

In August 2020, Syracuse University provided complimentary CDC-approved, reusable face masks to all students, faculty and staff as part of our effort to maintain the health and safety of our community.  Some individuals have expressed an interest in purchasing a University-branded face coverings featuring our most recognizable asset, the Block S.

In an effort to manage a cost-per-unit mask, as well as maintain master brand alignment and product consistency, the Purchasing Department, in collaboration with campus partners, has developed  a list of approved suppliers of high-quality, University-branded masks in blue and orange, or featuring the Block S.

*Pre-approved branding from Marketing and Communications
Mock artwork to show use of marks and placement on items

PMS 281 Blue and 158 Orange

The Purchasing Department has identified suppliers offering a selection of different styles and types of masks, as well as different sizes. If you wish to purchase masks for yourself or your department, you may contact the below suppliers directly.

Syracuse University Bookstore

The Bookstore carries several varieties of SU-branded neck gaiters and masks, in orange and blue. Order online here.

Good Life Philanthropic Youth Foundation

Contact: Shaun McCarthy, 864-313-8081 or

Holy Shirt!

Contact: John Groat, 315-445-8193 or

Landmark Graphics

Contact Mary Beth Rein, 315.454.5551 or

If you have any questions, please contact